Soundarya Ambika Group Of Institutions

poThe Schools have an extremely committed and qualified faculty that constantly strives to make learning a pleasurable experience for children and works to realize the potential of each child.

The teachers constantly upgrade their professional skills through a multitude of In-house training programmes along with workshops conducted by other schools and experts.

Workshops and orientations on a field as diverse as life’s skills, subject enhancement to Effective Stress Management go a long way in equipping them to strike an admirable balance between home and the workplace and achieve success in both spheres.

Computer Lab
The school has a computer labs connected together in a network along with the faculty controller device to make students computer literate and to enhance their knowledge and understanding in other subjects and other areas of life.. It is also supported by Uninterrupted Power supply. The labs can accommodate over 40 students at the same time The computer labs are well equipped with LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), Projector, OHP (Overhead Projector), Computers with multimedia kit, Printers, Scanners and an assortment of excellent education software. Along with the above mentioned facilities, the school also provides internet access facility for the students. Students can use this to search for any information related to their studies or general knowledge.

Science Lab
The school has one of the best and beautifully designed science laboratories which consists of Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs. They are in turn equipped with all the modern apparatus and instruments. The school has a well-equipped and spacious physics/chemistry laboratory which can comfortably accommodate about 40 students at a time. All the major equipments necessary to conduct the required experiments, which form the part of the curriculum, are found in this lab. The lab consists of all the required physical balances, meters, U-tube apparatus, meter bridges, rheostats, chemicals, glass apparatus, test tubes, burettes, pipettes volumetric flasks, beakers etc. to facilitate the students in their experiments. The lab is also equipped with sufficient apparatus to provide opportunity to the students for project work. Students at the senior level are also able to design electronic circuits in the lab as part of the activity. The cupboards are used to store chemicals, reagents and glass ware. This lab is also equipped with various types of microscopes, specimens, slides, models, charts, human skeleton and much more. This ensures that the students have all the necessary equipments to understand and work on the entire biology practical course. This lab is capable of conducting experiments for junior as well as senior classes. All kinds of biology project work can be undertaken in the laboratory.

The school library is a nucleus around which the whole education system revolves. There are more than 10,000 books which includes journals, magazines, periodicals, fiction, mathematics, arts, science, computers, history, english, value education, language, reference books and much more. The reference section includes almost all the latest encyclopedias of school level, books on general knowledge, various dictionaries, year books, quiz books, arts and craft books and project books. The magazines include Teenager, Down to Earth, Reader’s Digest, Children’s Digest, Peas, Taranga, Diksoochi, Kasturi, Chandamama etc. The library is a completely computerized entity. It can accommodate approximately 60 students at a time. Every class has time set aside for library visit. There is a regular library class conducted once a week for the students of class I to VII. The high school students are given the privilege of visiting the library on a regular schedule. The school has the provision for both kinds of libraries: – Books Library and CD library. There are a wide range of educational and entertainment CDs for all age groups.

Audio Visual Hall
In order to provide the students with the benefits of visual learning, which leaves a long lasting impression on a student’s mind and memory, the school also has an audio-visual hall. The students assemble in this hall to participate in all the educational sessions which are regularly conducted by the school. On a routine basis, the school also organizes various presentations, video sessions etc for the students. Competitions like singing, inter class dance, speech and recitation, fancy dress, dramatics etc are generally held in a separate mini hall. Small gatherings, meetings, other school events and activities are also conducted in this mini hall.