Soundarya Knowledge Park

soundarya-park-sml“ Excellence in academics is the hall mark of any good institution. Today the student is an individual with feelings of self respect , sensitivity , creativity , responsibility and compassion. We as teachers and parents need to realize, appreciate and foster the fine blend of sensibilities in a student. Success is not something that one runs in to buy accident. It takes a lot of preparation and perspiration. Everyone likes to win , but most people aren’t willing to put in the time and the effort to win . There is no substitute for hard work and only through hard work we can develop our talents. The Soundarya Group of institution has grown in to a full fledged institution in every way:- in infrastructure facilities, student strength, faculty and ultimately leading in to higher result.

One of the most important assets of our institution is its well qualified, experienced, talented, enthusiastic and hard working team of teachers who are ever ready to help the students in every possible way to achieve the best result in their studies.

Our gratitude first to the almighty god for all the blessings he has showered on us especially during all our difficulties. Satisfaction because SKP has become a success story within this short span of time in quality as well as in substance where one can confidently step in for the best school education. Within this short period , we have grown ourselves in to a matured institution to the satisfaction of everyone.

Eligibility and Documents

  1. Only those who have completed 3 years on 1 st June are eligible for L.K.G. and 5 years on 1 st June, for std. I.
  2. Application for admission should be made in the prescribed I form which can be obtained from the office and should be submitted along with the transfer certificate from the school last attended. Every pupil on admission shall pay the prescribed fees..
  3. Pupils coming from Primary and Secondary schools should produce the transfer certificate issued by the Head of the school concerned.
  4. Pupils coming from schools outside the State will be admitted on production of transfer certificates duly countersigned by Inspecting officers in-charge of the institutions, in strict conformity with the table of parity of standards issued by the Department.
  5. The admission applications must be signed by the father or mother or in their absence by the guardian who has been authorized by the father to do so. This letter of authorization must be filed with the admission form.
  6. In the case of admission of pupils coming from Primary Schools and Secondary schools, the date of birth as furnished in the Transfer Certificate will be taken as correct. In the case of puplis newly admitted, the correct date of birth should be furnished in the application for admission and necessary Documentary Evidence must also be produced.
  7. The date of birth given at the time of admission cannot be changed at a later date.

Admission Procedure

  1. Application forms are to be filled in and submitted to the Administrative Office within 5 working days from issue of the form.
  2. Admission to Nursery & Preparatory will be through Observation / Interaction. Observation / Interaction would be held on the same day and both the parents should be present.
  3. Date & Timings for Observation / Interaction will be intimated at the time of submission of registration form.

Important Guidelines

  1. The School believes in absolute transparency with regard to its admissions.
  2. Prospective parents are requested to check up the School Website from time to time, to ensure that they do not miss the dates.
  3. Any wrong information on the application form will amount to disqualification.
  4. At the time of registration, the following documents are to be submitted to the Administrative Office
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